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Make the Switch

Make the Switch Kit

Thank you for taking interest in Reliabank's Make the Switch kit.
This kit provides everything you need to setup, switch and start banking with Reliabank. If you have any questions or needs please contact your local Reliabank branch.

Step 1 - open a Reliabank checking account

You can do this at any of our nine locations, or, online. To open the account online, first go to and click on our Personal Solutions tab. A drop down box will appear, click the "checking" tab to see more information about our checking accounts. Once you have read about our accounts, scroll down and click the Online Application button. Follow the steps to open your account in this user friendly version. In a few short minutes, you will have completed the application process.

Open an account at your convenience.

Online Application

Step 2 - forms needed to switch

Once you have a Reliabank account number, fill out the change payroll and direct deposit form that are located in this kit. This can be given to your employer and they will discontinue depositing your paycheck into your current account. This form will also instruct your employer to begin depositing your paycheck into your new Reliabank account.

Change Payroll/Direct Deposit Form Download Form

Change Automatic Payment Form Download Form

Close Account Form Download Form

Step 3 - enroll in online banking

Online banking will allow you to manage your account from your phone or computer. On our home page, click the login and enroll buttons. Fill in the required fields and you will have access to your account online. This will include an option to provide access to a mobile device through our Reliabank app.

Enroll now!

Step 4 - download the mobile app

Whether you have an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® device, we have the mobile banking solution that's right for you, download the Reliabank app. Login and answer your security questions. You will then see a quick tutorial of our mobile banking platform.

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