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About Us

Our Mission:

We provide innovative Banking Solutions in a changing world.

Our Vision:

We are a family-owned comprehensive financial institution serving our immediate South Dakota area, defined as the I-29 Corridor. Our competitive advantage centers around two principles: profitability in a competitive market and our community bank mantra of "making things better" for our customers. Our competitive advantage is that we offer "big bank products with hometown service." This focus demands an eye to the future and a respect for the past.

To sustain our franchise value, we rely on united Reliabankers, led and managed by individuals willing to work cooperatively and collectively to achieve our strategic priorities. By seizing opportunities, we continue to position the organization for the future, developing willing leaders, solid management, and diversification at all levels to achieve profitable growth.

From its charter date of September 1, 1920, the story of Reliabank Dakota has continued to unfold in incredible ways, as chronicled in our history book. But the story isn't done, and in these times of unprecedented change in the financial services industry, we continue to capitalize on our solid reputation which includes:

  • Converting our high touch, high service into greater market share and deeper customer relationships, both existing and prospective.
  • Utilizing our technology edge to offer "value-added" services to bank customers.
  • Enhancing a sales and service culture that includes creatively reaching out to the next generation of bank customers.
  • Expanding into new markets that fit our model and add profitability to our brand.

Our Core Values:

Quality service from loyal Reliabankers creates our community bank's success. We continue to build our future upon these values:

  • Professionalism and Passion
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Service to Community
    • Through volunteerism, community donations, and charitable giving



We invite you to enjoy an interactive viewing and reading experience that steps you back through time at the beginning of Reliabank. Created by Jan and Reid Johnson we hope you enjoy the rich history and community dedication of Reliabank.

History Book